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adam ross

with gillian fleetwood & pedro cameron

ADAM ROSS is the seasoned songwriter and the creative force behind RANDOLPH'S LEAP who made their name as part of King Creosote and Pictish Trail's Fence/Lost Map Records and have been releasing albums over the past decade. He is known for his astute lyricism which blends playfulness and poignancy and he launched his solo career in 2021 with debut album Staring At Mountains.

New album, Littoral Zone, is produced by multiple Scottish Album Of The Year Award nominated composer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Wasylyk and released on London record label Fika Recordings. It's a heavily lyrical, storytelling album of piano-led songs accompanied by chamber-pop strings and brass. KLOF Magazine say about it: "Littoral Zone feels like a landmark album in Adam Ross’s career, a kind of synthesis of the most impressive elements of his full band and solo work up until this point. Those in the know have long been aware of his immense gifts as a songwriter; in a fair world, this literate, funny, humane album would cement his status as a national treasure."

See Adam accompanied by acclaimed harpist and composer GILLIAN FLEETWOOD along with PEDRO CAMERON (Man Of The Minch) on violin at the wonderful St Mary's Church venue on Friday 6th September. Gillian will perform an opening set featuring music from her newly released debut album Together With Yourself at Sea Level.

“Charm and character to spare

The Scotsman

“Sheer Class”

BBC Radio Scotland

Ross's storytelling and songwriting is still second to none”

The Skinny

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