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Isobel and Jim Kimberley achieve what some may say is impossible, a genuinely new take on traditional folk music, which is nevertheless accessible to everyone. If you are a folk fan of old it is fair to say you will recognise a good part of their repertoire, but if not, you will enjoy the freshness and vitality of their performance.


They are extraordinarily together in everything they do: vocally, instrumentally and most importantly, rhythmically. Isobel’s open tuned guitar provides a firm base for Jim’s various instruments and their always inventive vocals. Their take on ‘Hard Times of Old England’ is both poignant and contemporary, and their subtle changes to the melody make it even more so. They are also an extremely personable couple, funny and informative, with their enthusiasm for what they do being both unmistakable and infectious. They know and genuinely love their music and treat it with the utmost respect while still giving it new life (‘Elsie Marley’ is an ear-worm par excellence!) and making you realise why these songs have lasted as long as they have.

Join us on Friday 14th July at Lodge At Lochside, Wee Bear Café for a wonderfully entertaining evening of music, song and stories. Click ticket info link below.

“Thought provoking lyrics with top notch musicianship”

FATEA Magazine

“So refreshing to hear imaginative treatments of traditional material”

Islington Folk Club


“A completely fresh approach... Highly original... I love it”

Mike Norris (Former EFDSS Chair) 

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